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        Dual Mode Portable Ozone Ionic Air Purifier JO-6708
        • Dual Mode Portable Ozone Ionic Air Purifier JO-6708
        • Dual Mode Portable Ozone Ionic Air Purifier JO-6708
        • Dual Mode Portable Ozone Ionic Air Purifier JO-6708
        Dual Mode Portable Ozone Ionic Air Purifier JO-6708

        Dual Mode Portable Ozone Ionic Air Purifier JO-6708

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        【Series】:Portable & Wearable Series



        Mini Ozone Ionic Air Purifier JO-6708
        · Sterilization     · Deodorization    · Purification




        Dual Modes & Multi Functions 


        O3 & O3+ Mode
        Powerful deodorization, sterilization functions to remove toxic and allergens in the air by ozone.
        • Remove harmful bacteria, germs, mildew, bad odors, benzene, formaldehyde & TVOC
        • Help extend the storage life of food


        Ionic Mode

        Effectively removes particle pollutants in the air by releasing a tremendous amount of negative ions.
        • Dispel air pollutants such as dust, smoke and PM2.5.
        • Increase environmental anion concentration to freshen the air and create positive vibes.


        Portable & Versatile

        Mini Ozone Ionic Air Purifier JO-6708 is compact & portable, easy to carry.

        It can be used in home, office and car - refrigerator, car seat, desktop, washroom, shoe cabinet and so on.




        Rechargeable Battery / USB Powered

        Rechargeable battery / USB powered, two way to use the device whenever and wherever you are.




        Stand / Lie Design

        With its special design, you can place the device either vertically or horizontally in your space.



        Maintenance Free

        No filter replacement is needed. No extra cost.



        One-key Operation

        Press and go with ease



        Simple & Modern

        Dual Mode Ozone Ionic Air Purifier JO-6708





        Input voltage: 3.7V(Battery), 5V(USB Power)
        Power consumption: ≤0.6W
        Charging time: About 4 hours*
        Battery life: About 20 days (O3 Mode)*
        Ozone output: 12 mg/h
        Negative ion output: 5,000,000pcs/cm3
        Product dimensions: 59*57*163mm
        Net weight: 210g
        Ambient temperature (operating): -10℃~40℃(14℉~104℉)
        Ambient temperature (storage): -20℃~60℃(-4℉~140℉)


         * Battery life and charge cycles vary by use and many other factors such as ambient temperature, the mode and battery aging.



        Certificates & Patents

        Dual Mode Ozone Ionic Air Purifier JO-6708 has been certified with CE, FCC, RoHS.

        China Design Patent No. 2018302782178
        China Utility Model Patent No.2018208460609


        OEM / ODM

        We provide OEM / ODM Service.
        If you would like to put your logo on the product or customize other product features, please contact us for more details.





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